Castle Rock Business Owners:
What if your business funded your ideal lifestyle?

3to5 Club members are committed to building mature businesses that produce both time AND money. 

Freedom Launch Workshop

{March 9, 2017}

Three hours of meaningful, practical work on your business.

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3to5 Club


Where could you and your business be in 3to5 years? 

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Meet Marty, the Facilitator

My story about Clarity, Content and Community

My name is Marty Reiswig and I'm launching Castle Rock's first 3to5 Club. I started my real estate company 6 years ago and things were going pretty well. I was making more money than I had before, but I was working 50-60 hours a week on a regular basis. And if I slowed down, so did the income. I felt like a successful prisoner chained to my business. Then a friend of mine introduced me to 3to5 Club and that's where I found my tribe - people who are passionate, driven, and successful who aim to build a mature business that makes money while they're on vacation. And the best part is that we're all trying to help one another reach our ideal lifestyle.

Shortly after joining the Club, I began to learn and implement things like Lifetime Goals, a Business Maturity Date, Freedom Mapping, a 2-Page Strategic Plan, and much more. The clarity this content brought me was incredible! I now knew where I wanted to be, when I intended to be there, and what I needed to do today to make that happen. I gradually implemented simple systems and began hiring teammates to keep me on the tasks that are the highest and best use of my time.


After three years of attending 3to5 Club, I reached my business maturity date. I'm pretty sure I'm the only successful realtor in Denver metro that didn't work nights, weekends, or Fridays in 2016. I even took the whole month of December off to see how the team handled everything without me and they did great! 

3to5 Club changed my life, so perhaps it will change yours too. This isn't a get-rich-quick scheme, nor is it an emotional promise of retiring early or only working a few hours a week. This is a journey for those willing to work hard now for a better future, those who want to stop networking and build a mature network, and those who want to stop making money and start building a business that makes money. I now work less, make more, and have some freedom and flexibility to lead a significant life. I'm thrilled to bring this content and community to the business owners of Castle Rock.